Press Trips

Of all the various travel PR initiatives, a well-managed and executed press trip is one of the best possible activities for securing quality press coverage.

Travel companies organise a press trip when they want to publicise something they offer, first-hand, to the media. Arrangements can be made for an individual journalist, or a group.

The prospect of hosting the press can sound intimidating. But if you’re confident in what you sell and have the backing of a reliable and experienced PR, you’ll put yourself in a great position to land positive and effective coverage.

Of course, there’s golden rules to be followed – flawless arrangements, an engaging itinerary and having expert assistance before, during and after travel are a must. Get them right and you’ll be in an ideal position to showcase the very best of your brand.

And it goes without saying there are plenty of mistakes to avoid. Overloading an itinerary with too many activities, trying to cut corners with budget and not following up with relevant post-trip information are surefire ways to antagonise rather than impress. Journalists have some excruciating tales of press trips gone wrong – in fact, the don’ts are just as important as the do’s!

As you can see from the articles below, which we helped manage and support, the quality and quantity of press trip coverage is almost unrivalled.

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