If you’re looking for a sustained presence in the press, we’re here to help. We’ll take the time to understand exactly what you and your business need. Once we agree the best approach, we’ll set a PR plan in motion where we highlight your priority news with the media, for which there’s unlimited coverage at a set fee.

Typically, we charge £500 – £700 per day depending on your requirements.


New to PR? Or maybe you’ve had mixed experiences using an agency or consultant in the past? If you’re interested in raising your profile by getting in the press, we offer a ‘pay as you go’ service. No coverage, no fee.

We’ll work with you to determine how best to get you coverage on a one-off or ongoing basis. Then, if we’re successful, you’ll give your business a boost by appearing in the press. There are no risks attached, and we make clear beforehand what you pay if we get you in print, online, on the radio or on TV.

​You can also join us for a Power Hour, where we’ll make sure that after 60 minutes you’ll get the practical feedback and ideas to take your PR to the next level. The Power Hour is a fixed £100 – you get clear briefing notes beforehand and a set of actions afterwards.


To pick ‘n mix your PR services on a daily basis – such as strategy and planning, media liaison or copywriting – just let us know. We’ll make sure we cover all the bases for a one-off charge of £500-£750 per day depending on your requirements.


Have you got a special project you need help with? If so, you’re welcome to hire us on a contract basis. We’ll support you from start to finish, whether you’ve got plans to hit the headlines your way, a big event lined up, or you need a hand with wording for marketing material, a website or an award entry. 

We’ll work with you to agree a fixed up-front fee, so you’re clear from the start what you’ll pay.


Feeling the pinch? Let us know. We’re always looking to help businesses that need support with their PR. We’ll do everything we can to tailor a publicity package specifically for you.